4 Reasons Why Video Content is Important on Social Media

Are you looking to take your successful business to social media and expand your audience but find yourself struggling to convert followers to customers? Are you overwhelmed by the many facets of creating a social media strategy? If you can relate, one simple first step would be to start incorporating video content across your social media channels.

With social media becoming a more powerful tool for businesses to reach larger audiences, video content is ideal for capitalizing on this growth potential. According to Wyzowl’s annual Video Marketing Statistics 2021 report, 93% of marketers say video is integral to their overall marketing strategy. Video content has the power to captivate audiences faster while also fostering a connection between the viewer and the brand. Today, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are pushing the use of video content more than ever, meaning now is the perfect time to take advantage of this growth opportunity for your business. Check out the top 4 reasons to utilize video content on social media below and start filming today!

Why is Video Content Important on Social Media?

1. Higher Levels of Engagement

On average, a piece of content only has about 3 seconds to capture viewers’ attention on social media and stop their endless scroll. With hundreds of thousands of competing posts and the potential for distractions and diversions, this means your post needs to stand out in the first few moments if you want to keep a user on your page. While photos can be engaging, people are more likely to stay on a video post longer. These extra few seconds of watch time your video post gains could be enough to engage your viewer and lead to a conversion down the line. Video content is also experiencing higher engagement rates due to a recent announcement from Instagram. On July 1st, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that Instagram was no longer just a “square photo-sharing app” and that the algorithm will be favoring video content moving forward. This announcement is most likely due to the increasing competition from TikTok, a short-form video app that highlights just how engaging video content can be. Since various social media algorithms heavily favor video content, this means that videos will be pushed out to more viewers for more extended periods, increasing your potential engagement rates astronomically. 

2. Video has a longer shelf life

Video content has a longer shelf life than photos because viewers often circle back to videos, and they can thus remain popular for more extended periods. According to Wyzowl, people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other content form, meaning your brand has the potential for greater engagement from additional sources. Taking advantage of video content on your social media platforms can be a great way to increase your engagement and grow your brand awareness, ultimately resulting in more sales.

3. Video Conveys Brand Voice

Video content forges a stronger connection with the viewer and has the power to convey the true essence of a brand compared to a stagnant single photo. Video also can portray the emotional experience and lifestyle the target audience viewer can have if they buy your product or service, creating a stronger desire to shop from your business. Putting out meaningful quality video content is a more personable way to get viewers to relate to the pain points addressed by your company. According to Wyzowl, 69% of people say watching a video is their preferred method for learning about new products and services. Take advantage of the growing power of social media and utilize video content to convey your brand voice and reach more people.

Suppose your business is using LinkedIn to convey your successes and mission to potential clients. In that case, it should utilize the power of video to show your audience all of the incredible work your company has done instead of telling them in a long, text-heavy post. Conveying your brand story with video content on LinkedIn can foster more significant relationships and capture the attention of your connections. Rise to the top of your connections’ feed and showcase the true essence of your business with persuasive video content.

4. Video is a Powerful Sales Tool

Perhaps the most convincing argument for video content is the power it has to drive sales. According to Wyzowl, 96% of people said they had watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, and 84% said they’d been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. These high numbers, combined with the fact that people watch an average of 18 hours of online video per week, plead the case to start incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy. Additionally, 78% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. 

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With the power of video content on the rise, now is the time to tap into the market and watch your business grow. A simple video of 15 to 30 seconds in length can captivate your audiences’ attention, convey the emotional experience a user will have with your product or service, and increase the likelihood of making a sale. If you are looking to start incorporating video content into your social media and digital marketing strategy today but aren’t sure where to start, let’s be sure to connect and set up a no-obligation discussion.

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